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October 11 2016

you are not obligated to


  • be someone’s counselor and help them with all their problems if its bad for your mental health
  • be there for someone 24/7
  • remain friends with someone who emotionally drains you
  • maintain negative relationships because you’ve been close for so long, because you’re related, or anything else
  • do anything that makes you unhappy or puts your health at risk

Your own well being is the most important. Only care for others when it’s convenient.

October 10 2016


draw stick figures. sing off key. write bad poems. sew ugly clothes. run slowly. flirt clumisly. play video games on easy. you do not need to be good at something to enjoy the act. talent is overrated. do things you like doing. it’s ok to suck

September 13 2016


if there is one piece of relationship advice i could give to straight women, it’s this:

you’re not his mother. you don’t have to take his tantrums and walk him through basic shit. i know women are taught that they have to be nurturing and all that but it’s absolutely not your responsibility to “teach him to be a better person”.

August 20 2016

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August 18 2016

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Lost PBF # 66: “Turtle City”

August 11 2016

August 05 2016


*wakes up with one sock on* whoa what a crazy night

July 26 2016

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I never knew how much my soul needed this.

July 14 2016

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Man S/S 2016 Menswear // London (Details)

July 10 2016


Being bisexual is weird because like I don’t know about other bisexuals, but bi-erasure is so strong that even I think I’m faking it sometimes?? like one day I’ll wake up and be like “I’m obviously living a lie I’m a giant homosexual??” but then a second later I’ll be like “Am I just a straight person lying to myself???” Its like I forget my own orientation exists

June 12 2016



I hate how the stereotype is that dolphins are good and sharks are evil, when dolphins are so smart that they have the capacity for evil but sharks are simple fish who can only be true neutral, so even if a minority of dolphins are evil there are still more evil dolphins than sharks

quality marine philosophy discourse

June 02 2016

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Dog logic

May 17 2016


is it just me, or is it more exciting to hear your fave songs on the radio than it is to listen to it on your own device?

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May 15 2016

May 09 2016

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Happy Piccolo Day!!



April 23 2016

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Guandu, Kunming, Yunnan, China                                        

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